Name (Last, First)


Albertson, Serena Production Plaques: Peru State College
Bando, Lavonda Resource
Barnes, Jeff Facebook Organizer
Barton, Nicki Committee Member: Court Records Information
Bequette, Kelly Keeping Room (Photos)
Billups, Katelyn Plaque Design & Production: Peru State College
Bosworth, Rita Resource-(Photos)
Chamberlain, Earl & Norma Resource
Crook, Sarah Resource: Peru State College
Cross, Kim Resource:
Davis, Bill Resource
Ehlers, Barb Committee Member: 400 & 500 Blocks & Avee & Corso
Ehmke, Gary Resource: 1319 Mohican
Elmore, Richard Committee Member & Resource
Esser, Claire Resource
Falk, Larry Resource: NC Historical Society
Gilford, Shirley Resource: Otoe County Museum Society
Goodman, Bonnie Committee Member: 800 Block & Ave & Corso
Hobbie, Jack Resource
Hoskins, Leonard Resource
James, John Resource
Kellogg, Mary Resource
Kelly, Dan Resource
Kuhn, Jim Committee Member: Leader
Lacy, Dave Resource
Landis, Whoopie Resource
Lundak, Joel & Helen Resource
Lutz, Nancy Resource:Nelson-Wessel Museum
Martin, Pat Committee Member: Researched 900 Block & Ave & Corso
Melchart, Sandy Committee Member:
Milke, Cameron Production Plaques: Peru State College
Miller, Marty Resource: Nebraska State Historical Society
Morton-James Library Staff Resource
Naber, Anna Plaque Logo & Web Site Designer: Peru State College
Nebraska City Historical Society Resource
Nebraska State Historical Society Resource
Peoples, Nathan Production Plaques: Peru State College
Peterson, Shari Professor Peru State College: Coordinator of the Main Street Project
Pierce, Sally Resource: Materials & (Photos)
Quinn, Sue NC Historical Society (Photos)
Randle, Carol Committee Member: Researched 600 Block & Fire History
Reed, Jan Resource: Register of Deeds
Reese, Diane Committee Member: Court Recoders Information
Riege, DelaRosa Committee Member:1000 Block & Ave & Corso
River Country Nature Resource
Sackles, Doris Resource: Shared Post Card Collections & Her wonderful memory!
Schreiner, Tom Resource: Fire History
Scudder, Gertude Resource
Sellen, Sue Ann (Duane N.) Resource Daughter Mr. Duane Nesiba
Shissler, Dean Resource: Kregel Museum
Steiner, Belva Resource (Steiner's Hobby Center) (Joe's wife)
Steinman, Laura Resource: Arbor Lodge
Straw, Shandi Production Plaques: Peru State College
Stukenholtz, Betty Resource
Swanson, Dan Resource: Big Apple Radio
Tammy Partsch Resource
Thayer, Jean Committee Member:700 Block & Ave & Corso
Thumel, Bill Resource
Tritsch, John T Resource-Knoll's Historian might have pics
Volkmer, Brian Resource: NC Museum Association
Webering, Steve Resource: (Photos) &History of the Weberings
Wehling, John Resource
Wenzl, Walt Resource: His wonderful memory
Whitney, Nita Production Plaques: Peru State College
Wiles, Ken Resource
Wilson, Mary & George Resource
Witte, Bill Resource: Artifacts Collection
Witty, Phyllis Resource: Otoe County Museum Society
Wurtele, Gail Resource: Wildwood