Nebraska City Main Street Historians

About Us

   Our group started this massive project in 2012. We meet at least on a monthly basis and sometimes more. Our group called Main Street Historians is a non-paid group that cares passionately about preserving the history of Historic Nebraska City Main Street.

   Every member of this committee has used their own time and money to put this project together. It is hard to fathom the amount of printer ink, copy paper, mileage, film, picture development, phone calls, trips to attics and garages to recover information. Some of our best resources for information have been 66 different City Directories, Old Phone books, Pictorial photo album from 1906, and our most blessed resource ”The Morton-James Public Library”. We have received a lot of information from local residents and from many gatherings that we have had.

Otoe County Bank
Pitzer Hayward

Recording Main Street History

   Once historic information is gathered, we intend to place a framed historic sheet in each and every building storefront in the defined area. This frame will contain historic data and any old pictures that we can obtain, what the structure looked like when built and how it looks today and what all the different uses and owners were.

   Some buildings will have many different occupancies and some will have very few. As occupancys change, so the information on the historic sheet will change. Due to the large amount of history on most buildings, there will be a listed web site with more information that would not fit on framed historic sheet. This web site will contain the information that we have gathered over the last three years on all the historic buildings on Main Street.

   This information will be updated annually and to the best of our knowledge.

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   Our mission for recording historical information on all downtown buildings on Main Street is so it will be recorded for all times and generations to come. Too often we get busy and time slips away from us and we start telling ourselves that, “We should have written that down someplace.”

Valiant and Tow Truck